Group Classes & Workshops

Pam teaches workshops and consecutive group classes at Body Alive Yoga at 1995 West Main St. #20, Wailuku.  For details email [email protected]  or go to our calendar page .

Educational events and informative presentations are held regularly and posted on our website.  Better yet, sign up for our newsletter and be the first notified of upcoming events.

Book private or group yoga classes with Pam at your home or workplace.  Contact us to get started.

Ease in Motion Presents: Upcoming Events/Workshops: 

7 Days of Self-Care

  • simple and effective online class
  • 7 days of simple movements/breath to do in the comfort of your home
  • 7 drawings of the movement/breath we are working on - to keep forever
  • 7 audio downloads - 10 to 15 min each - to keep forever
  • 1 email per day - includes guidelines/introduction to class as well as the lesson/audio and tips for daily self-care 
  • simple instructions for downloading audios to your computer and/or your smart phone/device
  • discover how a home practice supports you so you don't feel burn-out, anxiety, tension or frazzled
  • don't worry if you miss a day, you will have the option to save the lesson and audio files and keep them forever


  • self-care promotes over all health and wellness
  • lowers blood pressure and promotes a healthy heart 
  • supports healthy joint movement
  • improves sleep patterns by learning how to quiet the body/mind 
  • re-educate and reorganize the way your body moves and breathes to help you maintain or improve your fitness program 
  • feel refreshed and energized before starting the rest of your activities each day


Dates: Feb. 7-13, 2016

Early Bird Cost: $59 

Regular Price: $70

Deadline for Early Bird Pricing: Jan. 30th, 2016

(on Jan 31st, the price will go to $70)

Link to register:




Move Without Pain - Introducing Hanna Somatic Education & Yoga Therapy

Date:  TBA

Time: TBA

Cost:  $30 early bird  (or $35 pay at the door)

Place: Body Alive Yoga (1995 Main St. Ste#20, Wailuku, HI)


What is a Soma?
- a Greek word meaning living body (first person view of yourself; feelings and sensations, movement and intentions).

What does Somatics do?

- it's movement education that improves posture and flexibility

- helps regain freedom of movement and decrease pain and tension (improve sciatica, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, knee and foot pain, sore tight hips, SI joint dysfunction)

- increases the awareness in your brain of the sensations felt in your body through very gentle pandiculation movements (contracting, releasing and relaxing of muscles)

Why should I attend?

- to learn simple and effective movements that you can do at home to continue to decrease pain and strain

- to help gain control of Sensory Motor Amnesia; which is an adaptation to stress and impacts our bodies with pain and tension

- to improve your activities of daily living as you age more gracefully

- to add some tools to your toolbox.  This is an appropriate class if you're a teacher or student interested in moving better as you age

Register by clicking here.




Clear the Clutter in Your Head: A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation


Finding Quiet

When: TBA
Where: Body Alive Studio, 1995 Main St. Ste.#20, Wailuku
Early Bird special price:

Deadline for Early bird special
Link to register:


Give your entire nervous system a mini vacation of Rest and Relaxation and quiet the chatter that goes on inside your head.  Let go of excess clutter, and find out that just like clearing the clutter on your counter top, it feels very spacious to clear the scattered mind.

This class will get rid of excess stress by giving your mind a place to rest and something to do while your body lies over a bolster in preparation.

(There will be small movements and breathing to prepare you for sitting)